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Rotation rates experienced are dramatic and can exceed 400 degrees per second in an attitude that may even have the nose above the horizon. This is called a cross-control stall, and is very dangerous if it happens at low altitude where the pilot has little time to recover. In order to avoid this scenario, pilots are taught the importance of always making coordinated turns. Parke was disabled by centrifugal forces but was still considering a means of escape. In an effort to neutralize the forces pinning him against the right side of the cockpit, he applied full right rudder, and the aircraft leveled out fifty feet[14] above the ground. Flat spin – Also called unrecoverable spin (although in some instances recovery may be possible), it occurs when both rotation around the yaw axis and side-slip dominate, and the nose attitude remains level or nearly so resulting in the aircraft assuming a Frisbee or boomerang-like motion.


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